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Please accept my apologies.

I am full for after school tuition and am booking assessments for August. 

I have some availability during

the school day

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  • I have been teaching for 30 years and became interested in dyslexia in my first year with a Year 3 class.  I wanted to understand why bright, interested children were struggling with reading and writing.


  • I trained as a specialist literacy teacher in 2002 and have been diagnosing students with dyslexia and other diffculties and supporting them since then.  


  • My initial degree is in English Language and Literature from Durham University and my Post Graduate Certificate of Education was gained at Homerton College, Cambridge.  


  • I hold the OCR diploma for assessing and teaching students with specific learning difficulties (SpLD).  Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty.

  • I hold a current SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate which enables me to make a formal diagnosis of dyslexia, which may be used to gain funding for extra support at university.

  • I have an Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service and professional insurance for complete peace of mind.

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Years of Experience and Proven Results with students experiencing other difficulties apart from dyslexia.

Successful interventions from primary to university level with dyslexic students. 
Literacy and dyslexia study support for all ages.

Many former students have gained degrees and progressed further academically than they ever believed possible.

I  support students at University with the learning of study skills and academic writing.  I work remotely online; including adults engaged on Open University courses.

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Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way


A full diagnostic assessment of dyslexia involves a background history from parents/carers; the student's teachers and the student's own view of his/her difficulties. The testing session lasts up to four hours and involves an assessment of the student's verbal, visual, memory and phonological skills. These indicate the student's underlying ability. Reading and writing are then assessed and compared with the other scores to indicate if a student is falling behind the level that might be expected from his/her underlying ability.

Mathematics can also be assessed, as necessary.

At university specialist support is available to students with dyslexia, and other special needs, through the Disabled Students' Allowance. Students must have an assessment from a qualified assessor to access this valuable support.

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Individual lessons enable all students to learn in the way that suits them best but they are particularly helpful for students with dyslexia. 

Lessons always include games and practical activities. If the student is having fun they will be learning and remembering. 

Students benefit from multi-sensory teaching methods.  Frequent repetition in a variety of ways reinforces the learning process.

Students with dyslexia often have very creative and original ways of looking at the world.  A personalised approach allows them to develop this skill.

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"Tenaciously caring, Rebecca never gives up on a student." SENCO, Cambs

"Following the intervention, my twelve year old son applied for a writing competition. Not bad for a boy who had struggled to write a few sentences." Parent, Cambridge

"His confidence has grown massively since he’s been seeing you and it’s only been three sessions. Even his TA and teacher have noticed he has a different attitude towards school work and is self-correcting and is happy to give it a go. Thank you so much." Email from parent of nine year old boy. 

"Rebecca taught my six year old boy to read, when he had been struggling at school. He went on to university." Parent, Cottenham

"That was really good fun, when am I going to see Rebecca again?" Eight year old maths student, Soham.

"Rebecca has been absolutely amazing! She responded to all emails and looked at every detail of my essay from wording, literature, to my references and pointed out what I should do differently."  Second year Social Work university student, given support via the First Class Support agency and her DSA allowance. 

"I would also like to thank the module lecturer, xxxxx, and my dyslexia support worker, Rebecca, as without your positive criticism, my work would not have reached this level of quality."  Acknowledgement from final year Primary Education student, quoted from her dissertation.


"I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to undertake a dyslexia assessment. We found her helpful and sympathetic throughout the process. We went into my daughter’s issues in some detail on the phone prior to the assessment, and I felt that by the time Rebecca met my daughter she already had a good understanding of her. Rebecca also went out of her way to send me details of people she thought might help with my daughter’s non-dyslexia issues.


On the day of the assessment itself Rebecca was kind and gentle with my daughter, and I was allowed to stay at her house, along with my younger son, until my daughter felt comfortable enough for us to leave. She gave my daughter ample breaks and time for refreshment, making what could have been quite an arduous task a lot more doable. She also offered to come to our house to complete the assessment there if need be, but my daughter felt comfortable enough to continue at Rebecca’s house.


The report that Rebecca produced for us is thorough and detailed, and she is clearly very knowledgeable and skilled in her field. She took all of my daughter’s problems and abilities into account, as well as the data from the tests themselves, and we are very hopeful that the report will enable my daughter to get the help and support she needs. We are very grateful for Rebecca’s skill and sensitivity at every stage of the process."

Parent, Ely


Full diagnostic assessment                             £   525

Hourly tuition rate, in person or over Zoom    £   42

Two half hourly lessons over Zoom                   £   50

Payment is by weekly standard order during term time.

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Please email me and include the age of the student and your main concerns. I aim to respond to emails within 48 hours.

11 Top St, Stretham, Ely CB6 3JL

Thanks for submitting!

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